Video to the Rescue! Stuck Inside? Walk It Off At Home!

Good day for a video. Snowy day in the Bronx, NYDuring the colder months we have those days that we just can’t get out. Too cold, too snowy, too crappy. The temptation is to curl up with a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a book (or a couple of mindless hours in front of the TV – been there, done that). Well, how about earning those couple of hours and feeling good about sitting in front of the TV for a while? Pop a video into that DVD player.

No Excuses

When I started out on my first fitness journey many years ago, my go-to indoor exercise was walking. No, not walking back and forth in my apartment – I still do that, but that’s for another post – walking videos. When I talked about walking videos way back when before they became popular, I would always get a strange look, people didn’t get it. Confession: I didn’t get it either before I started doing it. Because it’s not just walking in place. It’s walking in place fast, kicks, knee raises, side steps, and kick-backs. Plus there is some moving around.

Among the walking videos that I’ve tried, I like one from Prevention Magazine – Get Moving with Chris Freytag. I think this is one of my favorite walking videos. The DVD contains programs for cardio, upper-body toning, lower-body strengthening, core building and yoga. It’s great for mixing and matching routines. They are all low-impact and relatively easy for beginner and intermediate exercisers.

Basically the technique and workout is similar among most of the walking videos, the difference is in the instructor. Among the walking video instructors, Leslie Sansone is probably the best known – I thing she was among the first fitness instructor to make walking at home popular. Leslie has One Mile Walks, Two Mile Walks, Three and Four Mile Walks. In most of her videos she has her fitness class there with her – best thing: they range in age, weight and gender, so no matter your fitness level you will find someone in the video to walk along with. I really have only one complaint about her videos – she can get kind of silly/chatty, which may get a little annoying after doing the video 5 times. Just roll your eyes and go with the flow.

“Walk It Off” Video to the Rescue!

So today in popped my Leslie Sansone “Just Walk: Walk It Off in 30 Days” video into the DVD player. I like this video and I always pull it out with good intentions to make using it a routine. This routine usually lasts one day in a row. Womp Womp. The video contains two 30 minute workouts: “Burn 30” which is 30 minutes of non-stop cardio. The second is “Firm 30”, 30 minutes of non-stop strength training. The object is to do each workout on alternate days.

30-Minute Burn

I did the 30 minute burn workout and I can say in all honesty that I burned. Sure was sweating enough and I was quite pleased with myself at the end. Some stats on the workout – as per my FitBit: Total steps=3,487, Distance=1.39 miles. Not too shabby for 30 minutes of walking. I must say that for some of the time I was modifying along with the senior in the back row. I still got in a good workout and feel all the more better for it.

I do recommend the Walk it off in 30 Days video. If you do it, unlike me who exercises one day in a row, you will definitely get all of the benefits from it. Enjoy!

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