Walking with the “Lumowell Walking Exercise Weight Loss”

Lumowell Screenshot on Amazon PrimeToday I ventured into unknown territory to do a video that I found on Amazon Instant Video produced by a company I have no experience with – “Lumowell Walking Exercise Weight Loss Work Out.” Don’t get me started. This is one of the strangest fitness videos that I have encountered. When I first saw it on Amazon Prime Instant Video, I associated the name with “Lumo Lift Posture Coach” and thought that the video would be of similar quality as the product. I am still trying to figure out if the videos and the Lumo Lift are actually related. In any case, I am sorry to be so harsh, but really, I only made it through 8 minutes of this 16 minute video.

Walking Video Description

On screen, a computer generated figure guides you through the exercises. One thing about the figure – the graphics are reasonably well done, the coach, female, has a nice body, flat abs, basically thin all over. The animation is a little jerky, but it gives a reasonable demonstration of the move. The audio is similarly computer generated, sounds a little flat, monotonic, but I will give it some credit – it doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a robot. There is no music, there really isn’t anything in this video to make it fun. And for those of us who do not jump for joy at the thought of exercising, this video will not do much to get us off the couch.

Photograph of my TV screen showing video of Lumowell walking workout.
Photo I took of my tv screen showing Lumowell Walking Workout.

The moves are demonstrated for a few seconds (they are very easy, don’t need more than 5 seconds to demonstrate) See the illustration to the right. After the demo, the figures on the screen do the exercise along with you while a timer counts down. Most of the times are 20 to 40 seconds depending on the move. The moves include high stepping, side steps, low impact side-step jumping jacks, kicks, high kicks, etc., you get the picture. Seriously though, when I do walking videos, I want music and some fun, real people in the video exercising along with me. Why keep all that sweaty goodness to myself? BTW, in the eight minutes I did this video, I didn’t even come near to breaking a sweat.

Did I Actually Get a Workout?

I always like to see how many steps my FitBit records when I do aerobics videos. Gives me a sense of accomplishment. For the 8 minutes that I slogged through this “workout” I racked up a total of 770 steps. I guess that’s okay for 8 minutes, but really not worth the effort in my book.

I took a partial screen grab of the Lumowell website so you can see the quality going on here. If you can’t spell “strength” right, how am I supposed to take you seriously on anything else? (Yes I am being harsh here – some things there are no excuses for.) Also, the same row of images are repeated over and over down the page in an endless loop. Hello — developers, wanna fix that?

Okay – I’m going to stop here. If you want to see for yourself how disappointing this video (and other Lumowell videos) is, it is free with Amazon Prime on Amazon Instant Video. Otherwise, I recommend you save your money.

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