Video MashUp – Cardio + Yoga: Get Moving by Prevention Magazine

VIDEO DAY today! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done any activity so I figured it was time to GET MOVING! I keep breaking promises to myself that I will do at least one thing a day that is for me, just for me. You know, like meditation, yoga, cardio, strength and not feel guilty that I am not doing “work.” So again, today, I made another vow to have “me time” for at least 30 minutes per day – EVERY DAY.

Today’s “me time” was Prevention fitness systems video: “Get Moving with Chris Freytag.” Many years ago I had a walking video (VHS) with Chris Freytag from Prevention Magazine that I really liked, so purchased this new DVD a few years ago and hoped that it would fill the void. I really like this video, as much as someone who dislikes exercise can like an exercise video. The feature I like about most fitness videos, no matter the type of exercise, is that they often have short programs that you can mix and match. If you only have 15 minutes, you can easily find a 15 minute workout. Likewise if you have more time.

Today’s GET MOVING Routine

I selected one of the pre-built, 30 minutes a day routines. Even though today is Thursday, I did the Monday Walking Workout and Yoga routine. Yeah, I know, I live on the edge, right? I got a 5 minute warm-up, 15 minute cardio walking routine (yes, I sweated), and 10 minutes of yoga. The workout features Chris in the front talking you through the workout and 2 of her Prevention Magazine colleagues in the background doing the workout. On most cardio and yoga videos that have people in the background at least one of them is doing a modified routine for those of us who haven’t hauled our butts off the couch in a few months. In this video there was no demonstration of modifications. I didn’t find it a problem as the steps were relatively easy. During the 20 minute warm-up and walking portion I racked up 2,262 steps. Not surprisingly, I didn’t get any steps from the yoga routine.

The Contents of the Video: Routines, Workouts and Diet Tips

  • This video comes with:
    • Individual workouts
      • Warm-Up (3 minutes)
      • Walking workout (15 minutes)
      • Strengthening
        • Upper body toning (8 minutes)
        • Lower body toning (8 minutes)
        • Core strengtheners (8 minutes)
      • Yoga (10 minutes)
      • Cool down (5 minutes)
    • Prebuilt weekly routines
      • 20 minutes a day
        • Monday: Upper body and lower body toning
        • Tuesday: Walking workout
        • Wednesday: Lower body toning plus core strengtheners
        • Thursday: Walking workout
        • Friday: Upper body toning plus core strengtheners
        • Saturday: Yoga
        • Sunday: Rest day
      • 30 minutes a day
        • Monday: Walking workout and Yoga
        • Tuesday: Upper body and lower body toning plus core strengtheners
        • Wednesday:Walking workout and Yoga
        • Thursday:Upper body and lower body toning plus core strengtheners
        • Friday: Walking workout and Yoga
        • Saturday: Walking workout and Yoga
        • Sunday: Rest day
  • There is also a section called “Smart Ways to Live Well” with 3 programs:
    • Smart carbs, not flabby carbs
      • low vs high glycemic foods
    • 5 ways to blunt blood sugar
      • tips to lower or slow absorption of sugars
    • Hit your fruit and veggies quota

Shopping for Fitness Videos

Just like anything, doing the same videos over and over can get old pretty quickly. Mixing it up with my videos means refreshing my collection every once in a while. Problem is there is a dizzying array of fitness videos on the market. How do you choose which ones are fun or even good? I have two go-to websites that are specifically for reviewing and rating fitness videos. One of those is collage video. They have a good filter functionality so you can drill down into the type of workout you want, the instructor, your goals, etc. The other site is The features are similar to those on Collage Video. It’s really a personal choice which site you like better. I happen to like both.

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