Tai Chi to Wake Up and Loosen Up in the Morning

Tai Chi for BalanceMost mornings all I feel like doing is shower, eat breakfast, drink coffee and get on with my day. This is not a time of day for anything more strenuous than yoga or tai chi. This was a tai chi morning. What I particularly like about tai chi is that you don’t have to get down on the floor – there’s always the inevitable: having to get up from the floor. Doing tai chi eliminates that barrier to fitness.

I’ve done tai chi twice in the past. First time about 20 years ago and more recently 3 years ago. Both of these were regular classes learning specific “forms.” It takes a long time, months, sometimes years, and a lot of practice to really learn the correct movements. Once you get the movements down, the flow follows and bringing is all together is very satisfying.

5 Day Fit Chi Video – Tai Chi and Qigong

A couple of years ago I was on the hunt for AM/PM yoga videos and came across this 5 Day Fit Chi video by GAIAM. It includes 5 workouts: AM T’ai Chi (23 minutes), PM T’ai Chi (24 minutes), Qigong Stress Relief (26 minutes), Qigong Detox (36 minutes) and Energy Chi (23 minutes). This morning I did the AM T’ai Chi program.

The instructor is David-Dorian Ross. He is very easy to follow, instructions are clear. The workout takes place on a lovely, empty beach with waves gently lapping the shore. Ahhh. The instruction does not stop and start with this program. The movements are not complicated and flow one to the next. There is nothing hard about this workout, but it does manage to loosen up all the muscles, head to toe, and get that chi flowing. The general idea of this AM program is to draw fresh energy from the environment and release stale energy from ourself into the environment. Doesn’t sound very environmentally friendly, does it? Well, never mind that.

Anyway, bottom line: the instructions are very clear, the movements easy to follow and the scenery/background is lovely. I recommend this video. Did I mention you don’t have to get down on the floor? 😀

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