Meditation Based on Your Current State of Mind: Stop, Breathe and Think


Meditation App - Stop, Breath, & Think Home ScreenMeditation can uplift the spirit and calm the nerves. I use several meditation apps depending on my mood and how much time I have available. “Stop, Breathe & Think” offers short, 6 or 7 minute meditations (free version) that are based on your answers to questions asked about how you feel physically and your mood.


How it Works

In order to select your meditation, the first screen asks how you are feeling physically. Your choices are Great, Good, Meh, Poor and Rough. I’m not sure what “Rough” feels like. Maybe “Crappy” would have been a better option. Anyway, select your answer and move on to how you feel mentally – choices are Great, Good, Meh, Poor, and, yet again, Rough. Here’s the graphic for the mentally rough choice.

Moving on we get to add emotions. There are 5 general categories of emotions ranging from very positive, feel-good emotions all the way to angry emotions. In each of those categories you are given choices to get more specific within each category. You can add up to 5 emotions. After your emotions are added you are prompted to “See Results.” The results show a choice of 4 meditations, 2 of which are locked/grayed out in the free version of the app. After choosing a meditation, you are given a choice of male or female guide (Jamie or Grecco). Then finally, you can listen to the meditation.

All of the meditations end with a closing gong, which is good, because sometimes, well, you don’t know when the meditation is over. After that you can go look at your progress screen, which tells you about your streaks and other stats.


Meditation Experience

Because I’ve been feeling stressed out lately my meditation was tailored to the emotions I chose – mostly reflecting stressed, anxious, and unhappy emotions. My meditation was called “Change” and I have to say it did its job of putting things into perspective. Life, things, everything is constantly changing, both within our bodies and all the way out to the universe. Skin cells slough off and are replaced, our blood flows, our mood changes, stars die out, new ones are born, the planets are constantly moving.  While this wasn’t a new revelation to me, it did remind me that all things, seen and unseen, are always changing and my current concerns will ultimately be resolved.

About the App

As I mentioned above, the free app has a limited number of meditations. I personally think that what they offer in the free version is fine, because I use a lot of different meditation apps. The full, paid version is on a subscription basis. Premium membership is $5.83 per month when the Yearly option is chosen or $9.99 a month when you pay monthly. I’m not a fan of subscription apps in general – just my 2 cents.

More information about the app can be found at the Stop, Breathe & Think website.

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