Do You Want to be Able to Do 100 Pushups? Here’s Your App

Last night, while I was tracking my food into the SparkPeople app, I saw an ad for the Couch to 5K app. I have this app already (a whole ‘nother story), but I clicked on the link because I hoped it might lead me to other apps that are basically programs that help you build up to some goal. So after a great deal of searching and reading descriptions and reviews, I found two apps that got pretty good reviews and look promising. One is “100 Pushups” and the other is “200 Situps.” I started the “100 Pushups” app today so I will talk about that. The “200 Situps” will have to wait.

How The Program Works

We’ve seen it on TV a million times: “Get down and give me 50!” 50? 50 what? Pushups? Seriously? Now, let me say up front that I can barely do one push-up. And that excuse for a push-up is doing it the easy way: on my knees. So I’m basically starting at zero. When you first open the 100 Pushups app, the first thing you do is the initial test, which consists of doing as many push-ups, using good form, as you can. (Me –> zero). Then the app puts together your “personalized” training program. As you can see from the screenshots below, this app is VERY bare bones. No eye candy here. If you are unsure about what comprises a correct pushup, the 100 Pushups website gives a pretty good description of good form.

After you’ve done your assessment, you can go on to training. Tap the arrow icon and you get the workout screen (second image below). As you can see, my screenshot has me doing 1 pushup per set. So you do the pushup, tap inside the circle, and the rest timer starts. Default rest time is one minute. After you finish your sets (it keeps track of where you are), you get a screen with congratulations, you finished your workout for today. The third screenshot shows my statistics – as you can see, I’ve done this workout one day in a row.

100 PushUps Start Page 100 Pushups Workout Screen 100 PushUps Stats Screen


My Thoughts on the 100 Pushups App

My jury is still out on this. Conceptually, this is a great strategy, building up slowly to a goal, but the main hurdle will be sticking with it. I will keep you posted. Oh, BTW, the full bundle app (Just 6 Weeks), which includes: 100 Push-Ups, 200 Sit-Ups, 10 Minute Plank, 200 Squats, 150 Bench Dips, 100 Dips, and 20 Pull-Ups is free on the Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire.

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