About This Shared Journal

About This WebsiteIt's all about balance

On these pages I will be sharing my experiences as I try both new and familiar ways to nurture my mind, body and spirit. Oh those 3 magic words – BODY, MIND, SPIRIT! Don’t worry, I’m not pushing foofy, new agey alternative routes to connect your mind, body and spirit. That goal has always been a mystery to me and not at all what I am about. What I intend to do is share my real world, available to everyone, tools and techniques to achieve fitness and inner peace.

About the Author

I’m an admittedly out-of-shape 60+ year old who cringes at the thought of exercise. I’d rather do the laundry than go to the gym and sitting in front of a computer all day is basically my idea of activity. Well, that ends today when I will be embarking on a journey in search of fitness. And guess what!? You’re coming along with me! Welcome to my life.

Train tracksA tiny bit about me – I’m a retired website designer and a fractal artist. Most of the websites I design now are volunteer jobs for non-profit organizations. I do fractal art because I’m a geek and it’s fun. While I enjoy sitting in front of the computer for hours on end, the downside is that I am “sitting.” I hope to rectify that situation.

Everything I will post about – videos, workouts, websites, apps, you name it – will be something I’ve tried or have had experience with. We have so many resources, many of them free, at our fingertips but we either don’t try them or even know they are available. Hop on board, we’re on a journey of discovery!